Thursday, December 8

Graduation Day

my husband is superman

what do you get when you add 21 credits (at BYU), one online class, and 30+ hours of work a week (in order to keep benefits) to a persons schedule; potentially one very unhappy, stressed, and overworked human being.

luckily garrison has been very pleasant through it all. because we weren't expecting this pregnancy and because we found out the day classes started, changing things up to make his life easier wasn't really an option. he had already promised his employers that he would be graduating this semester. he knew it was going to be a tough semester to get it all done so quickly but, he's just like that. and then to throw into the mix the biggest surprise ever: a baby. just kinda made things worse more complicated. because we were both on our parents -super high deductible and not so good- insurance plans, we immediately asked them to kick us off (so we had a "qualifying event" for the new insurance) and applied for his work's -low deductible and super awesome- benefit program.

but, in order to keep your benefits, you have to work full time.

this is why my husband is superman

fast forward a few months filled with little surprises and blessings/miracles sent our way and he's now only a week away from being done. forever.

you did it baby

i always tell people that i got the easy part of this pregnancy. all i have to do is sleep 12+ hours a night, eat a ton, and make sure i don't do something stupid that would hurt me or the baby. garrison on the other hand has had the aforementioned schedule. i'd pick my growing pains and sickness any day over that.

now that classes are finished, and he's already gone to his reviews for the final exams, all that's left is enduring this next -and last- week of tests. then... the real fun begins. i get my husband back! we get to sleep! we get to hang out with friends! we get to wake up in the mornings together and day dream about our little kicker in my tummy and what he/she will be like! we get to move! we get to fix up our new house and paint the nursery! we get to go shopping and actually buy the stuff we've been saving up for! we get to have our first Christmas together! we just get to be together. and i can't wait.

im really sorry that you had to work so hard, and be stretched so thin, and get so stressed over the past few months in order for us to make this work. i wish i could have taken some of the pain away from you baby. but, i couldn't. and you've done it. your little baby and i are so proud of you.


this is going to be the best graduation day ever!

i love you

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