Wednesday, June 27

Jean Vest: taking it in {with a brief hair tutorial}

i found this vest at D.I. for a whopping 3 dollars. the problem: it was a size large, i am not a large. so, i took it in 3 inches on each side and made a vest that fits! also, stop staring at my hair and wondering why the heck i look like i tried {and failed} to pull off the 30's with my hairstyle and instead... zoom down to the last picture of this post and you will see what happens when my hair dries and i take that silly headband off. yeah. now you think i'm awesome. i bet you wish you could curl your hair without a curling iron too. :)

anyway.... back to the vest. here's how i did it:

pin the vest on each side where you would want it to fit:

 cut just to the outside of the pins leaving enough room for a seam allowance:

flip inside out, repin, and sew with some heavy duty thread.
tip: make sure that the bottom hem and armpit holes match up perfectly. this will be the area most noticeably "homemade" if they don't match up. 

flip right side out, cut your excess strings

 and do a mini photo shoot with your dog. :)

 so... this is later that day after i changed into something a little less denim overwhelming and took my hair out. i'm going to do a step by step tutorial of this hairstyle soon. but for now, here's a video on youtube about it.

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