Tuesday, July 17


my sister was helping out with a church activity for her singles ward. the activity was to take ideas from pinterest and teach the women of the ward how to do some of the super creative ideas that are out there. {awesome idea for an activity, right?} well, she asked me to help her in the nail station.

as a cosmetology school graduate, technically i have my nail license as well but i haven't done nails besides my own for years. so, i was a bit nervous and skeptical but it ended up being so fun! turns out the only thing i had to be nervous about was matching my sister to a T. it was so embarrassing to see her wearing the exact same outfit as me when i came to pick her up. -great minds think alike?- Miss Bays even came to support us and was such a good, patient little girl while her mamma worked.

stef and i worked together and finished 9 sets of nails. nine. we were able to teach the girls how to do Ombre nails, use konad nail stamps, do glitter tips, use tape, simple decals and more.

here are a few pictures from the days activities.

 oh thank goodness for pinterest. what would we do without it.

{if you would like a tutorial for any of the nail designs we mentioned, just leave a comment below and we will make one!}

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