Wednesday, January 4

Baby Diary: Clothing Wishlist

this is the longest list!! ever since finding out that we are having a GIRL it has been way fun to shop for girls! they have some super cute clothes. although.... i still find myself being drawn to some of the boy clothes (especially their sweaters and jackets) but paired with a cute headband or a pink undershirt they could totally work for a girl too. lately, i've been trying to find clothes that aren't pink/super girly. my mom didn't dress me in pink much, and i think i'm going to dress my daughter the same way. feminine, yet not pink and purple. -i wore mostly blue lacy/ruffly stuff- and... i've been trying to shop realistically by looking for basics and things that i can pair with other outfits or wear in lots of different ways. it's also hard to remember that they will only fit for a few months and so shopping by season -which is something i've never done before- is also something good to keep in mind. she will be born in the beginning of spring so... here's a guideline for the seasons and stages of life to remember while shopping.
0-3 months: April-June SPRING (onesie's all day basically)
3-6 months: July-September SUMMER (still mostly in onesie's and leggings)
6-9 months: October-December FALL (starts crawling)
9-12 months: January-March WINTER (starts walking)

(this is both to help those that are throwing me showers, and to help myself remember things i like so that i can keep checking up on them to see if they are on sale or to just purchase when i feel like it. :) some of the websites wouldn't let me upload their photo's. sorry!)

These boots: old navy 9.94
This onepiece: old navy 10.99 the gray zebra pattern is adorable too!
This sweater: old navy 22.00 (i found it in the boys section, i think it would work for a girl though... thoughts?)
This cardigan: old navy 29.94 (this was found in the boys section too)
These khaki pants: old navy 14.94 i don't know how much i'm loving the heart butt pockets.
These jeans: old navy 12.94 the dark wash style is cute too
This hat: gap 19.95
This dress: gap 26.95 i love that it's blue!
This jean jacket: gap 29.95
I can't decide between This swimming suit, or This one.... :)
These skinny jeans: gap 24.95
These brown jeggings: gap 17.99
This onepiece: gap 24.95
This onesie: H&M 7.95
This hoodie/onesie: H&M 17.95
These jean jeggings: the childrens place 16.95
This shirt: osh kosh 9.99
This cardigan: osh kosh 9.99
These corduroy pants: osh kosh 11.99 they have tons of fun colors too.
This button-up onesie: osh kosh 14.00 i think it would be way cute to use when layering
This headband: "lou and lee" from etsy 14.00
These headbands: etsy 10.00 we are positive our baby will come out with no hair. so these things are a must.
These booties: etsy 11.75

Garrison and i almost bought This, this and this, yesterday at macys. i think the last one is my favorite
This onesie: carters 5.99 i think i like this one because of it's unusual colors.
This 2-piece set: carters 8.80
this just looks like me: carters 7.99
this sweater jumpsuit: carters 14.99
these socks: carters 12.00
this onesie: carters 5.99 on clearance, i love the colors!
this tu-tu: carters 11.99 just a good basic white one.
this vest: carters 7.99 it says "sparkly" i don't know about that.
this entire company: did you seeeeee those?!?
these shoes: zara 19.99 OHMYGOSH
This scarf: zara 9.99
these boots: zara 25.99 it's super hard to find light boots for kids.
this hat: zara 9.99
this coat: zara 19.99 last size sale (size 6-9 months perfect for fall!)

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  1. I like the brighter pink swimsuit with the rose rather than the tutu pink swimsuit! And the Old Navy boy sweatshirt TOTALLY works for a girl with some cute skinny pants and yellow rain boots or bright yellow pants! Too cute. Zara clothes are to DIE for. I am doomed once I get pregnant! I will buy sooo much for him or her.