Wednesday, May 11

A Hairstylist's Favorite...

Everyone has heard of the Wet Brush by now, and if you haven't... crawl out from under your rock and click that link and buy one right now. they are super cheap, and EVERY hairstylist at my salon uses one, not by force, but because it is truly the best. there are tons of reviews online, but i will add my review to the mix and say that the skinny long bristles help so much with detangling without pulling out hair, the bristles are long enough to brush your hair in one section, yet still flexible and soft enough not to cause any damage or scratching to the scalp. (which is crucial for us in the salon before we do any sort of chemical treatments or colorings.) plus, the biggest thing of all... my daughter loves it and if you have kids then you know that's saying something.

it's one of those brushes that you don't think or realize it's going to be as AMAZING as everyone says once you get it, and first start using it, it really looks just like a normal brush. But after you go on vacation and have to use your friends hair brush because you forgot to pack yours and put your hair through the torture you once did as a daily activity... you finally truly understand what is so amazing about it.

BUT that is not why i am here today. i'm actually here to talk about the wet brush's little sister The Shine Brush

i was at an event last night with some other bloggers and i started talking with Kayti from the BeYOUty Bureau, and as i was recommending this brush to her, a crowd slowly started to form around us and i started recommending it to all these girls that had never heard of it before. for some reason i don't hear anyone talk about the shine brush. it is just a bit more expensive than the wet brush. and while the wet brush can be used for basically any of your hair brushing needs, (detangling immediately out of the shower, daily brushing, use with blow dryer, etc) the shine brush has only one use, but by golly it's a good one. this brush was made to be paired with DRY SHAMPOO. which as we all know, is a growing trend and a passion of mine (or else i wouldn't have written this 21 product review about it. haha) so here's the deal...

dry shampoo usually has two problems: 1: sometimes it leaves a white cast, if using the wrong dry shampoo for your hair type, or over-spraying product. 2: the natural oils from your scalp don't travel down the mid-shaft and ends, and leaves your ends dry-er and more straw like as each day passes.

this brush remedies both of those problems. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The Shine Brush has two types of bristles, the long skinny plastic ones we know and love from the wet brush, AND smaller boar bristle brushes that only go part way up the length of the plastic bristles. this does a few things, 1: the boar bristles absorb any extra dry shampoo, or "white cast" that is left behind,  2: using the natural oils from your scalp, as you brush your hair the boar bristles carry those oils down your hair shaft and to your ends to help hydrate and naturally adds shine to where you want it (at your mid-shaft and ends), and away from where you don't (at your root) 3. because the plastic bristles are also in this brush, it makes brushing so much easier than a typical boar bristle brush and your able to grab hold of bigger sections of hair instead of just brushing the very top of your hair like what usually happens with a normal boar bristle brush. -if you have ever used a boar bristle brush then you know what im talking about, if you haven't used one before, just be glad.-

one tip: don't use the shine brush with wet hair, it will get the boar bristles wet, which will defeat their purpose, and unlike the wet brush, it's not meant to be used with wet hair. like i said, there's really only one use, brush your hair with the shine brush before and after applying dry shampoo to both pull oils down your hair shaft, and remove excess product from your application of dry shampoo. (although i don't recommend using the shine brush with wet hair, it can be used with damp hair while you are blow drying to add even more shine)

Just so you know... Amazon has a deal where you can buy a set of each below for only 17 dollars!

Friday, March 25

Bayli's Party

today we had a little party celebrating Bayli's fourth birthday! we invited just a few friends and had lunch, cake, played with play-doh and opened presents. when we asked bayli a few days ago what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said have really yummy cake, make the house cute (with decorations) and play with friends. so, we tried to give her exactly that. she helped bake and decorate the cake. she was the one who told me where to put the decorations, and she came up with the guest list. we tried to do things her way, and it turned out to be really cute and fun! we will have to see if she actually remembers this one when shes older.

Everli was a champ and slept through the wholeee thing. for 5 hours.

Wednesday, March 23

Turning Four

I decided to ask bayli a few questions today as i was cleaning the house and making treats for her birthday party that's happening this weekend. i wrote all my answers down in my journal as i asked her and she loved all the extra attention i was giving her. she kept asking, "did you write that down?" and would even say, "hold on mom. i have a question for you now" some of her answers were just TOO good. i feel like they are the perfect way to show what life with her is like right now. this age is the best. 3 year old bayli is gonna be a hard one to beat. good luck fours. bring it on!

color: purple
t.v. show: Just Add Magic (or as she calls it: "the Momma P show") and Octonauts
toy: trains
shape: oval
letter: B
food: muffins (because that's what we had made that morning.)
fruit: strawberries
number: 6
princess: Elsa
thing to do: cooking
thing to do by herself: singing and dancing
book: "the dinosaur book by the cat in the hat" aka. This book

Where do you want to go on vacation? "up the mountains!"
What do you want to be when you grow up? a hero.

would you rather:
be inside or outside? outside
dirty or clean? clean
loud or quiet? this one took her a looong time to answer, she started trying to explain that she likes both, but then decided on quiet.
cat or dog? dog
stroller ride or car ride? stroller

things she doesn't like:
-going down stairs
-green leaf-es in food
-everli stealing toys
-getting stuck in everli's toys
-sleeping on the floor (??? this has never even happened to my knowledge)
-pencils. (insert laughing crying emoji here)

and cause she is the cutest. here are the questions she decided to ask me through out her interview.
what do you like to read?
do you like puppies? (hahahaha, yes. my heart exploded when she asked me this with a completely serious face.)
whats your favorite flower?

the book and puppy ones she asked before i asked her the similar questions. her brain. id love to take an in depth peek inside there one day. i think that might be one of my first requests when i get to heaven.

we love this girl so stupid much.

Friday, March 11

Shayli's Blessing

Remember my cute little sister, and her beautiful maternity photo's. well, she had her baby and recently had her blessed, she was blessed in stefani's old blessing dress, and looked beautiful as ever! see for yourself!

 Grandpa cuddling his baby granddaughter, and then, two minutes later.....
 they were both fast asleep!
 Everli wearing my old blessing dress, and Shayli wearing Stefani's old blessing dress.
 the girl of the hour in all her beautiful glory!

Friday, January 15

Snow Angel

Bayli is my little snow bunny. she just LOVES it. every morning when a fresh snow has fallen, she will often come into our room and let us know before we have even opened the blinds ourselves! i am the opposite. sure, i think the snow is pretty and all, but i prefer to enjoy it from the inside, wearing slippers, and drinking cocoa. -preferably there is also a fireplace and a good book as well.- but bayli just cannot contain herself with excitement in wanting to go out and play in it. no matter how cold, or windy it may be. the problem is that she is basically GUARANTEED to get a cold, each and every time she goes out. this girl is just so delicate, if she ever gets cold. like, shivering, purple lips, kind of cold. then no matter what she will get sick. and it really doesn't take much to get her to that stage of "cold" so... the battle continues, me wanting to stay inside, warm, healthy, and enjoy watching the snow fall. vs her wanting to go out and play, and chase the dog, and freeze her tush off.

this time she won. next time, i've got a special can of stephens mint hot cocoa with my name all over it.
written with sharpie.