Friday, January 15

Snow Angel

Bayli is my little snow bunny. she just LOVES it. every morning when a fresh snow has fallen, she will often come into our room and let us know before we have even opened the blinds ourselves! i am the opposite. sure, i think the snow is pretty and all, but i prefer to enjoy it from the inside, wearing slippers, and drinking cocoa. -preferably there is also a fireplace and a good book as well.- but bayli just cannot contain herself with excitement in wanting to go out and play in it. no matter how cold, or windy it may be. the problem is that she is basically GUARANTEED to get a cold, each and every time she goes out. this girl is just so delicate, if she ever gets cold. like, shivering, purple lips, kind of cold. then no matter what she will get sick. and it really doesn't take much to get her to that stage of "cold" so... the battle continues, me wanting to stay inside, warm, healthy, and enjoy watching the snow fall. vs her wanting to go out and play, and chase the dog, and freeze her tush off.

this time she won. next time, i've got a special can of stephens mint hot cocoa with my name all over it.
written with sharpie.

Wednesday, January 13

HAPPY five-years-of-putting-up-with-me ANNIVERSARY

5 YEARS!!! holy cow. this morning as he was getting ready for work, and i was nursing our little baby in bed. Garrison and i were talking about some of the things we remembered from our wedding. he remembered how on the morning of our wedding, we had to get to the temple with our "escorts" (our parents) much earlier than the rest of the wedding party to fill out paperwork and such at the temple. so, being a hairdresser, i wanted to do my own hair and makeup. After a surprisingly restful night of sleep in the hotel up in slc, i got up, and started to get ready and ended up being ready before everyone else, when garrison came to my hotel room to pick us up, we ended up talking together in the hotel room for what seemed like such a long time as we watched the rest of the wedding party start getting up and getting rushed. my mom would later go on to say that because of how calm i was that morning, it helped reassure her that marrying him, was in fact, the right thing for me to do.

marrying him was truly the easiest decision i ever made.

I told him about how i remembered as our honeymoon was nearing an end, (we were staying at a friend's 2nd home up in Midway) we were both getting antsy to just move in together and start living a normal life. we wanted to make breakfasts in our kitchen, and sleep in our bed, and come to our home after work, so... we left our honeymoon early to go home and unpack, hang pictures, buy groceries, and organize closets.  garrison's comment after i finished talking about that this morning: "we were such dweebs ...still are"

we really have loved every aspect of all of the craziness that has been the last 5 years. 

over the last 5 years we have:
had two beautiful children,
moved 5 times,
purchased two houses, and two cars.
remodeled 4 different houses (we remodeled both of our apartments for our landlords)
we also remodeled a 1950's camp trailer, and dozens of projects in/on our parents houses.
garrison switched jobs from digEcor, to American Crafts,
i switched salons from Salon 21 to Platinum Studio.
we have traveled together to Greece, New York, Mexico -via a Cruise-, Vegas and St George, Idaho, and California, oh, and lots of camping with a backpacking trip in the Unitas thrown in there. 
besides childbirth, neither of us have been hospitalized.
no car accidents yet, (although he did get a speeding ticket while driving home from california a few years ago)

we have had 1,825 days together as husband and wife. we have accomplished so much in that time, we have become better people, grown a family, developed talents, and made new friends. looking back like this, makes me realize just how much time has come and gone since that beautiful day 5 years ago when we made promises to each other, for time and all eternity. we feel like we have truly found our "groove" in our marriage this year, coming to a deeper and better understanding of one another and what each other needs to feel their best in the marriage. it's like we moved from being best friends and lovers, to truly becoming "one" this year. i'm so grateful for him in my life, and all of the blessings that have come to me because of the decision i made to marry him.

i won the husband lottery. seriously.
This year, to celebrate, Garrison invited me to pick a hotel and we could stay there for the night, well, as we are trying to get our littlest on a more strict schedule since her schedule was thrown off from being sick the past few weeks, we decided to stay home instead, honestly, we will probably daydream about what the next 5 years might hold for us, and end the night watching Making A Murderer on Netflix. just like we would any other night.  

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Monday, January 11

My Sister's Maternity Photo Shoot

it's no question that i love photography, i studied it in college, i used to have a photography business before i had children, but ever since i had those cute little babies, they are the only subjects i photograph anymore. so, when my sister asked me to take her maternity pictures i was both extremely excited and nervous. we did the shoot with very limited time, and at only two locations because i had other things to get to that day, but i think it turned out great! i had a bit of fun when the time came to edit the pictures because, well, i just hadn't done it in so long that it was intriguing to see what skills i still had in that department. anyway, she is truly the most beautiful pregnant woman, and so photogenic. without further adieu: my sister.

Monday, October 5

Master Closet

 The Master Bedroom has been chosen as the first room to get a makeover in this house. and the first thing in this room to renovate? the closet. we really wanted a better way of storing our clothes, we didn't want to get a dresser, or any other piece of furniture to store our clothes, but that single long shelf and clothes rack without any doors, just wasn't cutting it. so, we went to our favorite store ever: ikea and used their Pax system as a built in closet organizational system and we LOVE it. everything has a place and the inner OCD in both of us has died and gone to heaven -until it comes back from the dead for our next project-
 -you can tell this method of storing our clothes wasn't gonna work-
 -during the remodel, removing the shelf and clothing rod, taking out the wall in-between the two closets, and in the picture, garrison is removing the hardware that used to hold the sliding closet doors. you can see the size of the ikea cabinets there to the left.-
-after, the inside. garrison hadn't put his clothes/drawers/shelves in on his side yet, and everything on my side isn't organized completely, but you get the idea-
 -we went with the mirror doors for those middle three, it really adds an interesting touch to the room, making it feel more modern, and open. the next step on this process is to paint the walls and finish framing in the closet around the edges, and putting on the door handles.-
And here it is all finished in all it's shiny new glory!

Tuesday, September 15

Fence 'em in

The first thing we needed to do before we could officially move in to our new house, was to fully enclose the back yard by building a fence. luckily the other 3 sides of the yard were already fenced by the neighbors. we decided to build a wood fence with horizontal planks, going with a bit more modern feel because we plan on having our house appear much more mid-century modern once we finish with the remodels. Wooden elements will continue to appear as we update the curb appeal of the house. this is just the first step.

Tuesday, September 1

The *new* house

well, we moved. the new house, although not our style, or taste currently, is still an improvement from our other house. we are loving the added space, the covered patio in the back yard, and the garage. We have some pretty big plans for this home of ours. we don't have any plans of leaving anytime soon, so we have decided to take the renovations one room at a time, and slowly, so that we can save up money in-between projects so that we can do each room exactly the way we want it, instead of just "quickly" or "cheap" i guess i will have to learn how to humble myself and deal with living in these circumstances, and with these unusual design choices from the previous owners for a while until the time comes for us to put our mark on that room. anyway, lets just let the pictures do the talking:

Living Room

 Laundry Room/Pantry:

 1/2 Bath:
 Full Bath:
 Kids Bedroom:

 Kids Playroom:
 Master Bedroom
 View of Front Door: