Saturday, August 25

Santorini, Greece

If i were to recommend to any person one place to go to before they die. it would be this tiny little island off the coast of Greece in the Aegean sea. the island is the remains of a volcano caldera, and due to the huge eruption that literally blew the other half of the island off, there are 200 foot cliff's in which are inhabited by the natives and some of the most beautiful hotels and restaurants... ever. to learn more about Santorini (technically called Thira) click here.

when we first got to the island, we said... "holy cow, that is so cool! look at those white buildings up there!" but... because the island is shaped like an upside down c, we were only seeing the first edge of the island, once we went around the bend and into the center of the "c" we were able to see that the entire island had the white buildings on top of the cliffs. (if your wondering... the zig zag pathway on the right is the trail of about 300 stairs that leads to the original port. donkeys carry cargo and passengers up and down those steps.)

after finally figuring out the bus system, and finding our hotel (can you imagine how confusing the addresses are? there are only stairways, no roads.) we were able to walk over to the cliff face just in time for sunset that first day.

 the perfect way to start off a vacation. with a sunset

this hotel could have a post all to itself. it was by far our favorite hotel out of the 10 or so that we stayed in during our trip. it was literally on the cliff face, each room was more like a little house built out of the caves in the cliff. the views were amazing. there are literally calendars based around this hotel. we bought a deck of cards later on in our trip and we were so surprised to see the outside of our very own hotel room on the cover of the deck of the cards.

 watching the sunset from our balcony

Santorini at night:

our last hotel was farther away from the "city" so we spent most of the day indoors enjoying each others company and playing card games.

sadly, we had to leave.

click here if you'd like to see the Athens section of our trip.

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