Wednesday, September 12

Baby Food

baby food. oh what joy.

this is such a fun and interesting and sad new chapter in our lives. fun because it's awesome to see her growing and experiencing something new. interesting because of all the new stains and smells that come from her clothes or diapers lately, and sad because, with each bite, she is turning more and more into a toddler and less of my little baby. 

i took so much pride in the fact that, before this, she hadn't ever tasted formula. i was the only one creating this little girl, not someones garden or produce, not some purchased powder that magically turned into milk. just me. well, that pride was something i knew i wouldn't be able to hold on to for long, but realizing that the time had come so quickly for her to stop needing me was the scary part. 

but... i must admit. as much as it hurts to know that she is growing up. the fact that she is learning new things, and that she is doing so well at something completely foreign to her, but something that we do without thinking. i really get excited about that. so excited in fact that my mouth drops open and i start making airplane noises. (seriously, it's impossible not to do those two things while feeding a baby)

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  1. I remember feeling the same way when Lincoln starting eating solids. Just remember that no matter how independent they may seem, babies, kids, teenagers, and even adults will always need their mamas! I still need mine! Oh and a tip that did wonders with the stains on Lincoln's clothes - spray the stain with Simple Green while it's fresh, and then just wash as normal. That saved so many of Lincoln's whites! You are such a good and cute momma and homemaker.