Tuesday, November 30

Once Upon A Time...

Our story is a very usual one. Met in a BYU singles ward at King Henry, Started dating while he was the Elders Quorum President and while I was the Relief Society President, dated for 4 months, engaged for 3, got married in the Salt Lake Temple, and lived happily ever after. The oh-so-typical "byu story" but... the things that make our story different include little facts like:
- we went to the same elementary, middle, and high schools yet never met each other.
- our parents live 2 blocks away from each other.
- we both went to Costa Rica with Mr. Clarks environmental science class, just different years. 
- we both drive gold Toyota Camry's.
- I liked him first, his roommates thought that was forward/crazy so he believed them.
- we are honestly, never late for curfew... ever.
- I say that god was our matchmaker because he started dating me the day I was sustained as the Relief Society President. 
(im sure I will add more to this list later because we seriously have a million little "coincidences" like that)

All in all... whether it is a typical story or not, one thing is undeniable, we are meant for each other. It is so nice to be with someone whose life coincides with mine. Our values, our families, our schedules, our likes and dislikes, everything. We've both experienced dating someone "against the grain" as I like to call it. Where you know that some things just aren't working out, or going the way you expected, but you continue against the grain anyway, and then... all of a sudden... you start dating someone who is completely with the grain, smooth as silk, your conversations just flow together, your hands just fit together, your lives just fit together. That's the feeling I think people are talking about when they say "when you know, you know"it's like, you look back on your past relationships and laugh at yourself for thinking that was "right" or "comfortable" or "so easy" cause you were wrong, well... maybe not wrong, but you just had no clue just how right it could be, and would be, if you'd just be patient. 

I know that things always work out, they do. I know that what's meant to be will find a way, I also know that happiness truly is marrying your best friend. I know that love might not be what makes the world go round but it is what makes the ride worthwhile, and that true love is worth waiting for. I know that before I was engaged to Garrison, the eternities were a almost scary mystery, but now... are a joyous  aspiration of mine, knowing that I need to obey the commandments in order to live with my Heavenly Father and Garrison forever, and if not, I will be away from both of their presences, single. forever. that... that is a driving force that I never expected. I know that prayers are answered. I (now) know that being engaged is really hard and not just this easy, crafty, fun period of picking out colors and trying on wedding dresses. I know that I don't have to go through a trial or make a decision (even if it is just picking out colors) alone anymore. I know that for some crazy reason, i've got a guy hooked on me, addicted to me, in love with me. and he's got me hooked/addicted/in love right back. I know all of these things, and more. but the best thing I know is that this story had an "ordinary" beginning, but it is far from ordinary, it's extraordinary.
The End.

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  1. Zeke and I also drove the same car when we met--silver Jetta. Can't believe my baby brother is all grown up--it's fun to read about you guys. Thanks.