Saturday, June 30

get used to me saying "Bra" a lot in this post people

wow i cannot believe i am actually putting a picture of my bra up on the internet. but... seriously, after giving birth what woman has any pride for things like that anymore? i sure don't. coincidentally enough, after giving birth i didn't have any clean clothes anymore either. especially maternity bras. i guess my child eats messy or something but anytime we would nurse somehow some part of my bra would get wet and i just am not ok with wearing a milk filled bra around. so... the 4 maternity bras i had were constantly in the dirty clothes and i was not constantly doing wash. that means. i need more bras! well... i took some that were too big for me when i wasn't pregnant/nursing but just happen to fit perfectly now that i am a bit larger and turned them into a maternity bra using a hook and eye closure. best thing ever. one year ago i would have had no clue that i would be so proud of my little homemade maternity bra but boy it is a lifesaver. and so much cheaper. maternity bras are never on sale but, now i can find just a normal bra and make it a maternity bra.

Here's what you do:

take a bra

cut off the plastic/metal loops with pliers

grab two hook and eye closures (found in the velcro,elastic and snap isle of any clothing notions store like joanns)

cut two small strips of material from your scraps. preferably the same color as your bra and a silky texture

these strips are going to replace the circle loops you just cut off. the reasoning behind this is to make it so that the bra is still adjustable. if you sewed the hook and eye closure directly to the strap then you could not adjust the strap.

sew the strip into a loop around the bra strap making sure not to sew the strap. just the looping material.

cut your excess material and strings off

then roll it inside itself so that right sides are out and the seam is in the middle.

hand sew the hook to your new loop (once again making sure not to sew directly to the strap)

hand sew the eye to the top of your bra's cup

check to make sure that it closes correctly

try it on! also, once your done nursing. simply just take these off and get a new metal loop closure and you've got your old bra back!
(feel free to pin any image of my bra to Pinterest for the entire world to see! yay.)


  1. Thank you for the tutorial!
    It seems like it would look prettier and be easier to put another circular loop on the strap and then just sew the hook on to the bra cup side? I haven't tried this... not sure it will work. Just thinking out loud.

    Thanks again!

  2. How do you keep the strap in place when the bra is undone for nursing? Seems like the strap would slide down your back or fall off your shoulder - I wouldn't want to be fiddling around trying to button myself back up if I'm nursing in public.

  3. Just a thought to anonymous: What about securing the undone strap with elastics going on the inside of the bra down to the base? It means more "stuff" on the inside of the bra, but if the elastics are soft, it shouldn't be that annoying??

  4. A soft elastic would work to keep the strap from flying over your shoulder. You can also buy nursing bra clasps at sewing stores and on ebay that are a wee bit more secure than a hook and eye. Not sure how well a hook and eye would work for the well endowed...

  5. Nice idea! I might have to give this a try. Thanks for the tutorial.

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  7. OMG this is absolutely AWEmazing!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I just made a ton of nursing tops and only have 2 nursing bras and like you said they are NEVER on sale! Thank you SO much again for sharing! You made my day!

  8. This is awesome! Thanks for the tutorial!

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