Monday, December 13


can you believe it? today... one month away exactly from our wedding day. it's kinda crazy. it feels like we've been engaged for sooo long. and it's only been two months. i guess thats because it's been kinda a crazy and long two months full of crazy schedules and never ending wedding conversations.

Garrison and I like doing things differently. we have decided to do 100% of the planning on our own. we didn't want to stress out our family and we wanted to let this bring the two of us closer so... we handle the budgeting, the picking of colors, and decorations and honestly everything all on our own. it is SO nice to have sooo much involvement from him, i have just lately realized how little involvement grooms usually have. they think they are just supposed to "show up" but... knowing that the person i call when i want to know if i should do my centerpieces with the flowers or the sticks is Garrison, not my mom, and not my bridesmaids, it's my fiancee and... the best part, he has an opinion! it's not just a "do whatever you want honey, i love you" kind of answer. because of that, we have been able to make our reception OURS. there is tons of symbolism all throughout the planning and decorating. our backdrop.... the symbol of our first date, and many many more to come. the cake... you'll see. :) the colors... the colors of the aspen trees where he proposed. the same colors that were reflecting in my eyes as i said yes to the man of my dreams. the song, the photo booth, the honeymoon, all of it. this reception is going to be sooo fun and perfect because it is "us". we are written on the walls, and in the air.

we are so lucky to be doing this together. that is probably the best part of being engaged. we now know that we have each other for every problem, question, concern, decision, etc. being such a crucial part of another persons life is so strengthening and uplifting. we literally need each other. and i can honestly say that unlike the usual couple that gets frustrated and argue over wedding decisions, doing the wedding planning with garrison has brought us closer and we can still say that we haven't had an argument. :)

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