Saturday, June 23

Bleaching Jeans

One of the best things about having a baby is going through all your clothes and deciding what still fits, and what doesn't. i love this so much because i'm a closet re-fashioner and the clothes that i don't like/don't fit anymore i get to put in my refashion bag and use them on some of my next projects. well, these pants were in the bag because they fit cute but had a broken zipper and i also have a million dark jeans of higher quality so i would wear those instead. well, thanks to pinterest i figured out a way to fix the zipper situation. and so, with that problem fixed now i just needed to bleach the pants and see what happened to change the color. Yes. i said bleach the pants. 

here's how you do it: 

find some pants you want to bleach
go to the store, buy some cheap bleach. 
get a bucket and fill it with as hot of water as your faucet will allow.
pour in some bleach. if you want to be a wussie, just do the recommended amount (1 part bleach to 10 parts water) or just go for it and pour in half and half.
add like 1/4 cup salt to the bleach water
put your pants in the bucket
stir around every once in awhile in the solution for what seems like a million years (about an hour or two) 
here's the pants after 30 seconds: (notice that there is already brown in the water)
after two hours:
rinse in cold water and put in the dryer by itself in the hottest drying setting. 
once it's done drying (it will lighten up a lot in the dryer) check and see how the color turned out. your looking to see if it bleached evenly, if it's light enough, and if the material is doing ok. (some super cheap material will thin, fray, or separate if it's in the bleach too long) if everything is looking awesome, then by spending 2 dollars on a bucket of bleach you've got a brand new unique pair of jeans!

yes, my zipper was still broken in this picture
if it doesn't look the way you want, bleach it again! (this is what i did because, if you notice by my knees there were some weird spots)
after i had bleached it twice i ended up with a new white pair of jeans!
My husbands favorite shot:
Seriously, all humor aside. these pants are so much better white! i cannot believe i was about to throw them away! they are now my favorite pants! this bleaching thing just got my mind reeling, i can do so much with this concept! stay posted cause i've got more ideas coming soon! {i might even dye them mint green}


  1. 真的很好玩呢~~哈哈,回家试试看去~~~

  2. Amazing!!! I have to try this but does it still work if you don't have a dryer and just let them dry outside?