Thursday, December 2

Will You Marry Me?

How he proposed... that is probably them most commonly asked question that i've gotten since we got engaged, so... luckily for you, i've pretty much perfected it by now. so sorry if it sounds rehearsed.

this is at the first look-out, before he proposed.

RIGHT after he proposed.

the actual engagement ring that came a bit later.
Sunday afternoon, (it was our 100th day of dating) we decide to celebrate by going for a drive up provo canyon on the alpine loop. He had purchased the ring and asked my parents permission the day before, but... was planning on asking me that next saturday. well, on our drive we stopped on this turn-off and were looking at the BEAUTIFUL view. while hugging he asked me if i wanted to go to "our spot" where we had our first kiss on that next saturday (his original plan for  proposal) i said yes of course and then in my head.. i was like, "ok, one week, then he'll propose, our first kiss spot... that's so obviously a "proposal spot" this is gonna be great, only one week to wait" well... because of that, i stopped worrying about a proposal and started just relaxing and enjoying the drive, so... when we went around another bend further up the canyon later in the day, i FREAKED out because it was so crazy pretty with all the mustard yellow (my favorite color) and the aspens. well... because he saw how excited i was, he pulled over and we went on this little tini trail (i wouldn't even call it that... it was just like a path-ish) we started walking him without shoes and i was leaping and bounding ahead of him due to sheer excitement until the path just suddenly ended, -on this walk he had mentally decided... now is the time, you don't want to wait a week, just propose. now.- well at the "dead end" of this path we started hugging and i looked up at him and said, "this is so lame! i have the prettiest view of you, your so much taller than me and so i look up at you with the blue sky, and the sun, and the pretty yellow leaves... and all you see is me, and dirt." well, then he said "well, let me see you from down there." as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, he started pulling off his blue ctr ring and i thought he as joking, it took me some convincing... he had to tell me he was being serious three times in fact (after almost putting it on the wrong hand) i finally said yes, of course! and we kissed and hugged, and laughed, and said "wow" alot. it was in fact, a surprise to both of us, and then... took some pictures and carved our initials into the tree right next to the spot where he proposed. and sent the gps coordinates to his phone... yeah, nerdy. we know. then we went home to his apartment and he gave me my ring and... went off to our parents houses to share the good news and pick our wedding date. we told the ward later that night at ward prayer (that was an exciting event) and sent out mass texts and did the whole engaged sha-bang. but... it didn't "set in" for either of us until the next morning when we made our appointment for the temple. all in all... i love our story, it is so... "us" i love that i was genuinely surprised, and i love him.

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  1. Very cute. I love that he almost put the ring on the wrong hand. We had a canyon proposal too--except our was beautifully white with snow.