Friday, September 14

How To: Sponsor Links on Blogger Sidebar

if your wanting a quick answer, the html code is:

 <a href="YOURSPONSORSWEBSITEGOESHERE.COM" target="_blank"><img src="URLOFIMAGEHERE"></a>

now, if you need the long answer, here ya go: 
photo credit

so you got yourself some sponsors, now you just need to create a link for them in your sidebar so that they will look professional and with a layout like most of the other popular blogs. all you have to do is follow these steps:

1. you need to either get a pre-made "button" from your sponsor or create one yourself using some of their images. (be sure to ask their permission first) if you don't know how to create a button. i would suggest you google it. there are a lot of tutorials on that. be sure that the image size is about 100-200 pixels wide and tall. if its any bigger it wont fit into your sidebar.

2. upload that button/image to the internet. photobucket is a great and free place for this. also, if you want to upload the image to your blog in a blog post about your sponsors that will also work. 

3. go onto blogger dashboard, click on "layout"

4. click "add a gadget" on the sidebar you wish to have the sponsors located

5. scroll down until you see "HTML/Javascript" and click the blue +

6. now you have two text boxes, one for the title, and one for the content. under title either write "sponsors" or leave it blank. 

7. the bigger box for the content is where you will be entering the html code. the code is:

 <a href="YOURSPONSORSWEBSITEGOESHERE.COM" target="_blank"><img src="URLOFIMAGEHERE"></a>

you will replace the CAPITALIZED text with your sponsors website, and the url of your image from photobucket. if you are using photobucket, the url is found in the left side of the screen there is a little box entitled "links". be sure to click the link that says "direct link" not html code, img code, etc. by clicking on this it instantly copies it so that you can paste it into the code on your blog. 

8. for more than one sponsor, you just hit enter inside the content box you already have open and add the same html code but do it for the other sponsors you have. there is no limit to how many sponsors you can have but most keep it between10-20. 

9. push save and re-arrange so that it is in the right spot on your blog layout by dragging and dropping. 

10. click save arrangement and your done!

congratulations on getting some sponsors! your on your way!


  1. This was extremely useful! I have spent an hour trying to find some type of instruction on how to add a sponsor button if they do not have one made.

    Thanks! Your blog looks awesome and I am now following!

    --Jaime @

  2. Oh gosh thank you! After asking so many people and either not getting answers or getting sent to over complicated links...this was sooooo appreciated!!

  3. Thank you!! This was so helpful! Fixed so many messy elements of my blog :).