Tuesday, August 30

6 month anniversary project: Wedding Quilt

A month or so ago we celebrated our 6 month anniversary!! At that same time I decided I want to spend more time doing a hobby of some kind. Well, garrisons family is pretty into quilting. Especially his mom and sister Nani. In getting to know them better I started getting interested in quilts! I was looking for a hobby and now I found one. So, here goes!

Stuff to know about quilts:
-Make sure you have a good pattern to follow or clear instructions. (moda Bake shop calls them recipes) if you try to just come up with your own, run it by someone who has lots of quilting experience at least.
-quilts Are expensive! Plan on (for a queen size quilt) spending about 100 for the front, 100 for the back, and about 100 for the batting and for paying someone to machine quilt it for you. The average cost is a penny and a half per square inch. You can cut this cost by tying or hand stitching it yourself.
-plan On either having a good week to just focus on the piecing and sewing, or, realize that it may take you a month or two to get it finished. This is no small project.
-if You feel silly about taking large pieces of material, cutting them into small ones, and then sewing them back into big pieces again, don't start. Cause thats what quilting is!
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