Thursday, March 15

Baby Diary: one month left... if we can make it that far

the doctors office was a bit interesting today. we went in for our 36 week appointment, a few things change at the 36 week appointment. 1. from now on the doctor will always perform a cervical exam to check to see how things are progressing. 2. they are weekly appointments instead of monthly.
(this is where things start getting real personal up in here)
during the exam we found out a few interesting things. one, the baby is "for sure" head down and ready to go. and two, i am 1.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced.  for those of you who have no idea what that means here is a picture that kinda explains the two:
what this means is basically i could either stay like this for the next few weeks if i progress slowly or, it could be a sign that labor is coming soon! either way i am very lucky that things are moving in the right direction. some women need medical assistance to get just this far along. i guess all the contractions i've been having  lately have been doing something!

i think the biggest thing that happened at this appointment was that it really hit that i'm going to give birth to a baby. a living little human. of course i've known that this would happen all along but now i really KNOW. birth is really coming, and it could be soon!

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