Tuesday, September 6


all my life it seems that during the school year i've viewed books as homework, torture. but, then the summer comes along, and i see a book, with a colorful cover and a chance at living the lives i always wished i had. then school would start again and the torture began once again. well, luckily for me. i've finished school and so the torture has ended. initially i didn't continue reading just because i felt anti-social and that i was doing something "old" well, then i got hooked on the "oldest" series possible. the work and the glory.

 yep. 9 books. 5,266 pages. it started as a way to make time go by faster and better spent in the salon then reading worthless magazines and it turned into an addiction. i planned on giving myself a year to finish. thinking that was going to be a challenge. i started at the beginning of the year, and ended up finishing at the end of the summer in the last day of august. 

while reading the last book, i was getting close to the end and decided i needed a break from the "steed family"and so, in 24 hours i doused myself with the tales of Matched. a confused teen in a "perfect society"who has two soul mates, one the society approves of, her best friend, and another, ky, the rebellious outcast that has captured her attention due to a "simple mistake" from the society that doesn't make mistakes.... yeah, it's another series, i usually don't start series until all of the books are finished, just because one, they are on sale by then, and two, i dont have to do the darn waiting! but... i didn't know it was a series until the last page! ended so quick! i can't wait for the next one! i love it when mormon authors do such a great job at portraying a good story with little quirks of their beliefs intertwined. (this perfect society makes me think about what life would be like if satan had won in the battle in heaven)

finally, because of all my ranting and raving with my friend melissa about Matched, she recommended the book "the help" and we did a book trade, so, for the past three days, i've been totally focused on getting through this book! -in my head, i was allowed to be so zoned because i had to hurry and return it to my friend!- for some reason, i must be living in a hole in the earth because until i started reading this book i had not even heard of the movie that has been out for almost a month, or heard about my sister reading it before me, or known about this book that has swept the nation. well, three short days later, i finished, and man am i glad to have read this book. amazing author, amazing writing, it pulls you in so much that these women start making their own voices in your head. you put the book down to answer a question from the other room and talk like you are a sweet ol' southern belle. it's crazy. im determined to make garrison take me to the movie asap. i've watched a few trailers and have decided i will probably like the movie just as much as i like the book.

finally, after reading all of these wonderful books, i've decided to return to my favorite author of all time. Nicholas Sparks. i love a good book that has a sad ending and makes me cry and he just does that better than anyone else on this earth. i've read every single book of his until this one. my mom knows exactly what book im going to ask santa for christmas, "Nicholas Spark's Newest book" and this is one i got last december, but at that point i was already getting into the work and the glory so it has been put off until now. Safe Haven. all i know is that the girls name is katie and that they are making ANOTHER movie out of it. so, i better read it fast!
next on the list is the hunger games series,

and... from there, i'm up for suggestions. as of late, i've been just stopping by deseret book and seeing what they have because they are usually pretty darn good books, and it's pre-censored! but, i'm still up for letting my wild side escape every now and then. plus, borders is closing so... you know.

p.s. if you don't already know about all the books that nicholas sparks has written that have turned into movies, here are just a few
a walk to remember
the notebook
nights in rodanthe
message in a bottle
the last song
dear john

just to name a few. 

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  1. Loved Matched, the Help and Hunger Games. Haven't read any Sparks. Glad you are enjoying reading. I can't get enough of it. So far I've read 119 books this year. Sent you a link a while back for Goodreads so you could set up a page and see what everyone else is reading. I'm not sure if I have your right email, though.