Saturday, October 22

Baby Diary: their language

(wrote on September 18th 2011)


I don't know what my baby will sound like when it cries because, no duh, it hasn't cried yet. but... in researching stuff about sleeping habits and being baby wise on the internet and others blogs, i found a link to this woman. Priscilla Dunstan. She made a dvd called "Dunstan baby language" which translates the cries of the baby. letting you know what they are saying. these youtube videos portray her tutorials without having to buy the dvd. i don't know if it works. but, if it does i would hate to forget about it! it only works from 0-3 months but, if combining this technique with the techniques of BW (on becoming Baby Wise) then most if not all of my eating. sleeping and crying issues should be solved by then. if not subdued.

in review: the "neh" sound is the sound for hunger
the "owh" sound is the sound for tired
the "air" or "eairh" sound means gas, or needs to be burped
and the "heh" sound means they are wet, or too hot or too cold. (uncomfortable)

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