Tuesday, December 20

Baby Diary: if your a girl...

...then we are in BIG trouble because all of the stuff we have purchased so far is boy stuff! if you grow up with gender confusion... it's our fault. you must have been confused from the start. here are some pictures of all the boy stuff we've already gotten for you.

...and this is the girl stuff

background information:

boy stuff: the green hat and yellow onesie we purchased at the bijou market during the two days it was in town! the monkey/red stuff we got at old navy. the paper and stickers were purchased from pebbles, i'm planning on making a smashbook/babybook for the little guy with it. (if it ends up being a little "guy")

girl stuff: the shiny shirt i made from the extra material from my wedding >luncheon< dress. and the painting i did myself one day while watching tangled right after we found out we were pregnant. so, it's cool that the girl stuff is hand made, even though there are only two things sadly.

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