Sunday, January 22


Introducing... The newest member of the Jones clan: Baxter!

Baxter is our cocker spaniel. He's my childhood dog and will soon be our childrens dog. (if He lives that long) he's twelve years old and was adopted by my family 11 years ago. My sister got him for christmas when she was about 9. He is the best dog, especially with kids. As he has gotten older and calmed down, he has become the best play thing for my neices and is so tolerable of their petting and pulling and riding and scratching and drooling and screaming and basically anything they do to him he still loves them like crazy and doesn't bite or bark back. Around little babies he acts as more of a guard dog instead of a play thing. For these reasons we have decided to steal him from my parents home and take him with us to our new home.
We realize that introducing a new dog to a new home with a new baby only 2 months away is going to be a challenge, but... Hopefully we can make it work. And we already love him so much that I cant wait to make him a permanent part of the family!

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