Wednesday, January 18

Never Been Happier

So many things are not going as we planned. 
-spending new years eve moving
-living with your parents/the in-laws for your 1 year anniversary
-getting pregnant while your on the pill after only 5 months of marriage
-having a baby girl when you really thought it was going to be a little boy
-having to move out of your favorite little apartment in the entire world because of the aforementioned little kickers and realizing that the new renters totally ruined all the work you put into it.
-getting a 11 year old dying dog instead of a puppy as your first pet
-switching stations at work
-getting a ton of cool things for christmas, anniversary, random presents, etc but not being able to do anything with them because everything is packed away in storage.

but you know what, for some reason despite it all... i've never been happier.

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