Saturday, February 18

32 week picture

We still dont have our internet set up and my computer is going through a major makeover so until we fix those (hopefully within the week) I guess lame short posts with blurry pictures from my phone will have to do. Here I am at about 32 weeks. At my doctors appointment I hadn't gained a single pound from last month but... Apparently its just fine because the baby is growing just like shes supposed to. My measurements are right on track.

This picture really doesn't give it justice. I will post pictures of me in tighter shirts soon! So far with 8 weeks left I have gained 11 pounds total and although I'm still fitting in my pre-pregnancy clothes, its starting to get uncomfortable. I was thinking I might be able to make it through the entire pregnancy without using maternity clothes but, if I still want to do that, the last few weeks will be spent either in sweats or naked for sure!

Alot of people are confused by my pregnancy. Its really unusual I guess to stay this small but, to try and answer your questions, I guess its because of my genetics. My mom stayed pretty small too and left the hospital wearing her pre-pregnancy jeans and felt smaller than she was before getting pregnant. Granted, shes a few inches taller than me and so I doubt ill be that lucky. But, I also haven't experienced an increase in appetite. For the past few weeks whenever I do certain activities I start to contract or have braxton hicks. One of those activities is over-eating. So... Especially lately, I haven't been eating a ton. That phrase "eating for two" doesn't sound fun to me. I eat just like normal and try to drink tons of water.

Its crazy to think that I only have 2 months left! We still have so much left to do so hopefully these two months go as slowly as everyone says they will!
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