Tuesday, February 28


Sometimes he does the weirdest things! Like this morning, I woke up to him sleeping half under the bed and half wrapped around the nightstand like a pole dancer! (the first picture) why he wasn't in his comfy bed two inches away I dont know. In the second picture hes asleep posing for the camera. We were taking a nap in the sun on the floor of the nursery when I found diapers from my shower and couldnt resist opening them! In order to show garrison how truly small they are I put them on my teddy bear (her name is delilah) as a reference. Well, when I took the pictute baxter-still asleep- lifted his head and posed from behind. Yep, hillarious. The third picture is just cute.

I was thinking about how we really dont know how long he is going to live. No matter how many shooting stars I wish on, he is going to die eventually. But, instead of being sad about it, I have decided to try and capture all of his baxter-ism's so that I will always have that to show/tell to my kids, and remember the joy he has brought us.

He is the best at playing dead! I think thats his favorite trick.
His "s". Its where he basically bends his body in half when hes really excited. We are pretty sure its so that he can show us how fast his tail is wagging while still looking at us. Its awesome seeing both ends of him perfectly at the same time.
His perfect judge of character. If you came over to my house to take me out when I was in high school you probably had to pass both my dads test, and baxters before I was allowed to get in a car with you. My mom has even used it for her business!
His sense and sensitivity to pregnant people. Its better and more accurate than most pregnancy tests.
Snoring and farting was worse than any human I've ever known.
No matter how old he gets I'm never going to stop calling him 'puppy' because he still acts and looks so youthful.
He is the most picky eater I've ever known. He will literally starve himself for days if you dont give him the right dog food and even then if something has an unusual taste he will spit it out.
He truly thinks he's a human.
He prefers to eat while we are eating.
The way he plays with his silly orange gatorade cup would bring a smile to anyones face.
He is deathly afraid of vacuums and brooms.
He only has like 13 teeth left thanks to us neglecting our job of brushing baxters teeth as kids.
He is amazing with children... Way more patient than most adults.
If you are hugging someone in his presence, beware. Youll most likely be mounted by him.
He is super obedient.
My dog can literally climb 6 ft fences. He goes in the corners and scales it like a rock climber. You should have been there when we got that phone call from our backyard neighbors. It went something like this: "we figured out how baxter keeps getting out! He climbs the fence! We saw it!" I think we laughed about that for weeks. -he Also got a doggie door a few days later to prevent it from happening.
Speaking of doggie doors. He fits through cat doors. Yep, we laughed for days about that one too!
He has an uncanning ability to get anything chocolate out of a womans purse without removing anything else. You wouldn't even know your chocolate flavored chapstick was missing if it wasnt obvious in his sheepish grin.
My mom used to lock him in the laundry room by accident.
If I ever got attacked by someone, im 99% positive he would end up barking at me instead of the attacker. (i Only say this because when in a tickle fight with someone, he barks and helps the tickler, not the victim. Its not that funny when your always the one being tickled!)
His whimper makes your heart melt as you leave the house to go run errands.
The way he nudges you at the end of diner would make anyone give their last bite to him.
He doesn't like other dogs, this is because he doesn't think hes a dog. He instead likes humans.
His favorite place to be scratched is behind the ears.
And finally...
Dispite much confusion over the years, he is officially a cockapoo. (cocker Spaniel and poodle mix) Which is the coolest name ever!!

We love you baxter and all your funny -isms may we cherish you, and them, always.
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  1. I love our puppy Baxter. He really will be a puppy till the day he dies of old age. Also Val, remember that one night, i think we had had him for just a few days maybe and it was a really bad thunder storm? he was supposed to be an outside dog... but that did not happen once that thunder started! we just had to bring him inside because he was shaking so bad. O man and YES!!! Baxter is obsessed with chocolate!! even more than me! and thats saying something! and i didnt know he could scale fences!!! :( sad i missed it

  2. Now I am really missing him. I have to say he has been our best dog. I wish I wasn't allergic, I am so glad he is loving his new home and new owner. Thanks for sharing all his crazy quirks, it brought a smile to my face.