Friday, March 23

BABY DUE! (and a 37 week belly photo)

So, the dog was right. Its baby time! This is my last belly shot! In the photo I'm actually in the hospital public bathroom right before I dropped off my labs. I just had a thought that maybe I should take one really fast. (And Boy am I glad I did) I've gained a total of 17 pounds, and really am so excited to meet our little girl!
Turns out I've got preclampsia and because of the labs I dropped off tonight they have decided to induce me right away because the only cure to preclampsia is having the baby so, they are starting pitosin to make the contractions -I'm already having naturally- a little stronger so that I can dilate faster. Im also on magnesium because it will keep me from having seizures due to the preclampsia.
Baby is doing great and looks like shes ready to come meet us. It's a crazy feeling... Being told your gonna be a mom and meet your daughter within the day. Wow. So surreal. Hopefully things go well (and fast) I honestly dont know what I'm getting myself into. Good thing garrison is such a good supporter. Hes being a trooper through it all and just can't believe he didn't bring his backpack he packed two nights ago. :)
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  1. And I can't believe you didn't have your bag packed!

  2. Smart thinking getting one last shot! I always thought I would have enough thought to do that when the day came but I didn't. Congrats on your cute little little girl :)