Friday, March 16

The Backyard


thanks Jacie for being such a good model in this shot! :)


so, again, there's not an after photo in this one because we haven't worked on this section of the yard yet. you know, a getting ready for a baby has been kinda taking up all our time instead but i just figured it would be fun for you all to see the dump of a back yard that currently i love to gaze out and look at. (seriously doesn't it look like it came right out of a scary movie scene??) i day dream about all the weeds being gone, a huge garden being in their place. the well house, out house and garage being cleaned up and use-able. all of the trash being hauled off to the dump and the random trailers and cars that currently call my backyard home being hauled off to a new home. it really is fun to think about all the possibilities and because it is SO BIG -it goes all the way to the school building- most of those ideas really are possible if we are willing to put that much work into it.  i know garrison is really excited for summer to come so that we (more like he) can work on it and turn it into his little refuge. he plans on making a fire pit and good bbq area, and a nice garden with some good play areas for our little girl and our loving puppy dog. seriously, if we thought we could tackle this entire house AND the backyard, we would be crazy. instead, we just zoomed through the inside of the house and plan on taking our time working on the outside of the house. but... knowing us, it will probably be done sooner than you know it!

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