Friday, March 16

The Kitchen



The kitchen was probably the first room i was really excited to dive into and change things up a bit. i knew that i wanted to take down the hideous "welcome friends" and apple themed wallpaper. sadly, the tile backsplash had a border of that same red color so we had to stick with the color scheme a little.(although i did razor off the painted apples with joy in my heart!) the cabinets were in really good condition they just needed a little tung oil treatment and some hardware. the flooring is honestly in pretty bad shape but, as we are still renting and it's not our house to do major repair work -like the floors-, instead we just hoped that by fixing up some of the other parts of the room, your eyes wouldn't drift down to the broken, stained, floor and instead appreciate the room for it's other features. we did put in baseboards because for some reason this room didn't have them. painting this room was a disaster because the condition of the walls was very... "unusual" due to the wallpaper. we have to keep that rug laying in front of the back door because the flooring underneath the rug is completely distorted. but, hopefully soon we can get a replacement that looks a bit better with the color scheme of the room. garrison fixed the patch in the drywall and now you can't even tell! the laundry room is behind the bi-fold doors (in case you were wondering what was going on over there) the fan works and is surprisingly quiet and so, we like that. and... the lighting in this room is pretty poor but after we finish doing our "under cabinet lighting" that will help brighten things up in the evenings and the sunshine in the mornings/afternoons is more than enough.

Some in-between pictures:

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