Tuesday, May 29

Snow Cones

snow cones in the summer are like hot chocolate is in the winter: addicting. this summer we have decided to try a new flavor every time we go. so far we have tried:
bahama mama
tigers blood
silver fox + coconut
the favorites have been horchata and silver fox + coconut. we also have come to realize that the ice will make or break the snow cone. some places have ice that freezes too hard and then your just dealing with flavored rocks. but our favorite place is the "sno cone" shop by the scera pool. it's epic. but... we are not the only ones that like it. boy that place was super busy. but, worth it.


  1. Have you been to Hokulia? Down by the helaman halls dorms? TO DIE FOR!!!

  2. bahama mama is my favorite! tied for first with cotton candy :)