Thursday, May 24

would you like a side of cake with those shots?

Happy Birthday! Today Bayli turned 2 months old. (HOLY MOLEY!!) At the doctors office we found out alot of good news, for example, shes already doubled in size (shes now a whopping 10 pounds) and we were also told that everything looks good and normal.
But, some bad things happened at this appointment too... 3 things actually. They are called shots.

As a first time mom, I got extremly nervous for this doctors appointment, I even asked garrison to take off work so he could come with me and everything. I was positive I would cry at the sight of someone hurting her and not being able to punch said person in the face to help relieve stress doesn't help much either. But, she handled it well. I'm so grateful that she still has her soft little newborn cry. But watching someone you love get hurt is never fun. Even if you know it is good for them. (side note: Sometimes, being a mom makes me understand our heavenly fathers love for us so much better)
I decided the motive behind every motherly thing comes down to one of two things. Growth, and protection. I change poopy diapers to protect her from diaper rash, I nurse because I want her to grow physically. I let her soothe herself to sleep because I want her to grow emotionally. I bathe her to protect from disease and infection. I pray with her to help her grow spiritually, I make her do tummy time to help her grow stronger. Etc, everything is done for one of these two things. And I will never want to stunt her growth or hurt her. But... I decided its evil When a doctor asks you to hold your child down as they hurt the helpless little babe you love... That goes against everything a mother is about. Its evil.

Bayli, I'm so proud of you for growing so fast. But... I think it would be a good idea if we just skipped the part where you turn 4 months old... I'm not that exited to do this again. and honestly, neither are you.

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