Wednesday, June 13

Bayli's Blessing

In the LDS church we bless babies when they are just a few weeks old. On Sunday, June 3rd Garrison was able to bless her through his priesthood and give her a name. (don't worry, it's still Bayli Grey) the blessing was beautiful. she was blessed to have virtue and femininity, to trust her family, to learn how to recognize when the Holy Ghost was prompting her as she grows older and so much more. it is obvious that our Heavenly Father loves her and has a great and beautiful life planned for her. during the blessing i was able to feel a glimpse of just how much love he has for her, and i cannot believe i get the privilege of raising her. As Garrison was blessing her, i could picture this little baby all grown up and starting her own family, every time i try to picture her with her own family, i start to cry. mostly because of how beautiful and happy i picture her to be, but also because i can't imagine life without her as a babe in my arms. i'm so excited to watch her grow and hope i do my part as her mother to make sure that the blessings He promised to her come true.
this picture is of her in the blessing dress, and me in the blessing dress just so you can compare. i hope one day she will be as excited as i am when she realizes that she was blessed in the same dress as her mother.


  1. love this! you are so sweet! you are the greatest momma. can't wait to drive you nuts with questions and advise when i have a baby! i don't know if you noticed, but i definitely teared up during bayli's blessing. garrison did an incredible job (so did bayli! not even a whimper!) it was so beautiful, and so touching. she has such a great life ahead of her! i love you guys!

  2. First, is that the afghan my mother made you and Garrison as a wedding present as well as the blanket she crocheted for Bayli? Then next comment is that I don't think she liked the bonnet any more than you did. haha. I love the picture of the wall hanging of her name that she has in her room. It is so cute, as well as shows off her unique spelling of her name, that I happen to love, especially since it ends in an "i". I love the expression of her looking at you, thinking, "what's up guys?" :=) like I have said before I have never seen a baby make so many different expressions. She is so stinkin cute!!! Then how can I not comment on how fun it was to have her wearing the same blessing dress we blessed you in. It was a special moment for me to see her in that dress and remember the day we blessed you, our little miracle baby! Finally one last comment on how grateful I am to have Garrison in our family. He is an awesome guy, righteous priesthood holder and a great example to all of us. I love him like a son and know that he is a wonderful husband and father. You guys are an amazing family! I love all of you so very much!!!