Wednesday, June 27

Two Tutorials in one day!

This shirt was also from D.I. and cost a dollar. it was also large. (i shop in the large/XL sections of DI because most of the stuff that actually fits are pretty picked over and... if i get it too big it's way easier to take it in, than let it out.) i thought about taking this shirt in but i have a sweater that looks almost identical to it already so... i made it into a pencil skirt.
 first you cut off/unpick the arms and neckline
 then find a skirt you like the fit of. place it on top of your shirt to use as a pattern making sure you match up the bottom so that you don't have to do a bottom hem again later.
 cut on the outside of the skirt leaving enough room for a seam allowance
 cut the top/waist straight taking into account the waistband if you want one.

 sew along the two sides.
put on your waistband (i used an elastic, any other method would work as well. you could even just hem around the top. you don't need to hem around the bottom because the bottom of the shirt was already hemmed when i bought it. {technically if you didn't do anything besides sew up the sides it would be ok since it's knit material it doesn't fray!}

your all done! head on off to the farmers market with your family and be told you have a cute skirt by one of the girls your husband used to date. then when you see the shock on her face when you tell her "thanks! i made it myself" it just makes the entire moment all that much better. make sure she gets a good look at your freaking cute baby while you leave as well.

p.s. if you were confused about my hair. i explained myself here.


  1. i need to get up the courage to make a skirt out of a striped top ! this is perfect and so is the fit. your lil guy is beyond adorable. can't wait to see more refashions !