Monday, July 9

DIY Ombre Onesie

remember that time that i dyed my jeans mint green? well, that night after i saw how cute my pants were i decided to attempt at dying one of Bayli's boring white onesies with the oh so tempting left over dye in the bucket. -seriously, this wasn't the only thing i dyed with the left overs either. i was like in a DYE EVERYTHING GREEN mode cause i loved my pants so much.- well, i decided to do an ombre since i love the concept so much as a hairstylist.
here's how i did it:

mix your dye in a bucket, 3/4 parts hot water, 1/4 part dye and about 3 Tablespoons salt.
put your onesie on a hanger. then dip it in until your highest desired point, leave it in the dye for literally 1-2 seconds.
(i dipped this all the way to the armpits, but i only left it there for a second and we didn't catch that on camera. sorry!)
then move it down to your second section (about 2 inches lower) and leave it there for about a minute 
then on your third section (about halfway to the bottom) drape your onesie with the hanger still in place over the bucket and leave it for about 5-10 minutes.

 then for your last section do the same thing with just the very last part in the bucket. and leave it in for a long time. like 20 minutes. continue stirring the liquid while the onesie
then rinse with cold water until the water runs clear and put in the wash by itself with a little bit of detergent and then dry in the dryer.
after making this, i have gotten so many compliments on Bayli's outfit whenever she wears it. i usually pair it with a feminine headband so that everyone knows shes a girl. :)but, on the plus side... if this style is still in when i have a little boy i'll totally get to use it with him as well!
i'm really excited to try this same concept with a shirt or dress of mine.
you could do this same method but with bleach on a colored shirt/onesie.

p.s. i never dyed the shoulders, they must have dyed in the washer. also, i had a few "lines" that i was worried about because i wanted it to blend... those washed out in the washer as well. so, if you get some lines from each section, don't worry!

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