Saturday, July 21


i've got the vacation bug.

i really want to go and just hop on a plane and go somewhere new and different. i don't know if it's because i'm starting to get bored looking at the same walls in my house, or if it's because the biggest thrill of my day is when i get exploded on when bayli's diapers just don't have the right capacity. either way, i'm itchin for a vacation.

news flash: we neither have the time or the resources for a vacation.
today was our first day in project "finding joy in places close to home"

where did we go for our much needed change in scenery??? good ol' spanish fork. it just happened to be their "fiesta days" the only thing fiesta about it was the fact that it was bloody hot. do spanish people even have carousels and ferris wheels?? but we still had a lot of fun. mostly we just watched other people while they went on the rides, bought some stuff at the booths and walked up and down main street.

the bulk of our time was spent in the used book store. partially because we like reading and mostly because it was air conditioned had a fan. seriously this thing was epic. i've honestly never seen so many books crammed into so little space. the book shelves were obviously full and then there were even more bags on top of the bookshelves waiting for people to buy the books on the shelves so that they could empty the bags. there were tons of little reading nooks that one could get lost in (or breastfeed in) and some really cool finds if your patient enough to look hard enough. and boy let me tell you, we sure did find romance, adventure and suspense behind that door. >wink wink<

oh and that ivy house, we parked across the street from it. if the trip was just to see that plant/house it would have been worth it.

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  1. I love these pictures! I love the hats, and I love all of you! It looks like you certainly had quite the adventure.