Saturday, July 14

Lace Slit

About a month ago i turned this skirt from a too small pencil skirt into a racer striped skirt. well, i'm not the kind that can wear a leather jacket and racer stripes everyday, i'm a little more feminine than that. so. i decided to sew some lace in the slit so that it would be a little more girly. (this skirt did not have a slit in it originally so i had to create a slit but if your skirt already has a slit in it, then you just skip to step 2.)

1.first you create a slit by unpicking the middle seam up until the desired height of your slit. pin under all the edges. i got out a notebook so that i could draw how wide the slit opening got at it's widest part when open all the way. (i'm creating my pattern)

3.then i drew how much extra lace i needed so that i would have enough for a seam allowance.

(those say "actual slit" and "where the lace will cover")

4.then i found the piece of lace that i wanted and cut it out following the "where the lace will cover" lines.

5. then i pinned the lace on the inside of the slit

6. sewed around the edge of the slit making sure to go over the top of the slit very securely. (i back stitched like 5 times)

once sewn and flipped right sides out it should look like this:

you're all done. i think it adds just the right amount of "girly" to the skirt.

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