Wednesday, July 4

A {reversible} 4th of July

This morning i had twenty minutes to get ready in order to meet my family for breakfast. Well... its the fourth of july so i knew i wanted to look festive. Then... I saw this shirt. (A polo from the kids section in target that i got a few years ago.) Its super comfy but ive never been a fan of the collar. So made it perfect for todays activities with just one simple stitch. Heres how:

Cut off the collar of your shirt (i cut about 1/2" into the material. On the side with the buttons and 1"on the other side to create a neckline)

fold in half to make sure the cut is even on both sides

Flip shirt inside out and fold over the cut edge, pin, and sew a hem.

flip right side out and your done.

Yup. That easy. This shirt is reversible and seriously the cutest most comfy thing ever.

pair it with some red lipstick so that you've got your red white and blue all checked off the list and spend your holiday with the ones you love most. have a great fourth of july everyone!


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  1. One tip to help: Simply stitching a collar on to knit fabric is not durable, especially things that get a lot of wear (collars, armholes, etc), so I would loosely stitch some staytape on, fold or roll the collar so you can't see it or the stitching, and then put the final seam in.