Monday, August 27

for the love of chocolate milk

my husband always asks me to get him a gallon of chocolate milk from the store.

i usually don't get him any...

i figure, we have chocolate syrup, or chocolate powder so that he can make his own. but he insists that pre-made chocolate milk is better.

last week i actually bought him a gallon of chocolate milk.


we have gone chocolate milk crazy over here! i'm almost ready to go get another gallon. but, one of the things that i've tried to do with the chocolate milk is use it in recipes. the whole concept started when i made some instant chocolate pudding awhile back and just wished that it was more chocolate-y, more rich, just... more. so, i wondered what it would be like if it was made with chocolate milk instead. that just got the ball rolling. then we thought, what about vanilla pudding made with chocolate milk, what about chocolate cake made with chocolate milk, what about cookies made with chocolate milk, etc, etc.

well, i can tell you that so far every item we've made has been so much better made with chocolate milk!!!

the chocolate pudding tastes like fudge pudding, the vanilla pudding tastes like red velvet pudding/cake (especially after adding a bit of red food coloring) and the cake was just so much more flavorful. even if i didn't use chocolate milk in any of my recipies, i would have to continue buying it just because we enjoy drinking it so much, but... after realizing that i can use it while cooking... i'm pretty sure it will have to be a staple in our grocery list right along with eggs and cheese.

sometimes... those random ideas in your head actually turn out to be delicious!

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