Saturday, September 8

using the inside of your pocket as a patch

when i get in my refashioning mood, i hate it when i have to go to the store for something like matching thread or more elastic, etc. so... when i told myself i would be able to work on my fun sewing projects once my not so fun projects were done, going to the store to get patches that matched my old jeans was the last thing i wanted to do. i found a different solution.

using the inside of your pockets as a patch!

i don't use my back pockets much, so, i cut the material out and sewed it as a patch, you could also use iron on tape or fabric glue if you didn't want to sew.

i recommend using this with button up pockets because then you can either always keep your pockets buttoned up or even better, sew them closed by sewing along the edge of the flap. that way you never have a little underwear peak show when you bend over. but, it worked for me and going to the store turned into one less thing i had to do that day.

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