Wednesday, May 28

Family Forward Blogging Retreat at Zion Ponderosa

a little over a week ago, i had the opportunity to go on a mini vacation down to Zions Park, more specifically Ponderosa Park which is just outside of Zions. i went down there with some other blogging friends of mine, and we had a wonderful time being taught all weekend long by the powerhouse couple aaron and rachel coleman from the popular kids show "signing time" bouncing ideas off of each other and learning from each others mistakes. taking tons of pictures and videos. and of course, the epic "excursions" that we did every day, mine included going horseback riding, flying in a helicopter, taking a tour in a jeep unimog, and skeet shooting.

it's been just over a week since i went, and i am missing it terribly, the location was awesome, the food was great! the houses...cabins...mansions we slept in were breathtaking, and the company was better than it all put together. this was the first "blogging" thing i've ever done, besides literally blogging. i haven't gone to any of the conventions, or joined any of the facebook groups, or anything, so i literally dived in head first into this one. but i made so many connections, and learned so much, and created so many memories, and made so many friends. it was just awesome. anyway...before i kill you all with another lengthy and wordy post like my last one, here ya go!
Sunset Photo Walk
 ^^ my friend Briton from rad mom cool kid. we call her rapunzel.
 ^^ Stephanie, who also writes for Rad Mom Cool Kid, she and i are literally soul sisters. (more like soul twins.)
 ^^ me trying to be as cool as them. :)
 ^^this is that powerhouse couple, Aaron and Rachel, their height difference just made this picture series too perfect not to share.

Horseback Riding
 ^^rachel, your right, whilst on a horse, one must hold hands high in the air with the closest person. it just makes the picture so much better.

^^this was seconds before the horse bucked off his rider on the far left. not gonna lie, that was pretty awesome. good thing he is a bull rider and used to it. 

Flying in a Helicopter

 Jeep Unimog
 ^^the wind up at Pine Knoll was crazy, that darn hat almost sailed away like a kite more than one time. but hey, i didn't get sun burnt the entire trip, so i'm chalking that one up as a win.

Skeet Shooting

Other Fun Things...
 ^^ice cream sundae competition.

 ^^a photobooth. cause we're bloggers, so that's obviously necessary. :) once again, my buddies with me in this pic are Brit and Steph from rad mom cool kid.
 ^^didn't i tell you they were mansions, ugh, this pic doesn't even do it justice.
 ^^a list of our sponsors. they were so good to us the entire time, surprising us with gifts in our rooms every morning, and they were also the ones who hosted many of the smaller events through out the weekend. they just spoiled us rotten basically.
^^you guys, how beautiful is that view?!? it was super hard to leave, but seeing this scenery on the drive home made it a whole lot easier. 

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  1. I LOVE your pictures! Thanks for sharing the weekend with us. So great getting to know you and hope to see you at lots more events in the pics. xoxo