Thursday, June 19

Throwback Thursday pt. 2

a few years ago i was asked to collaborate with my favorite photographer, Clark Goldsberry (the guy who did our wedding/engagement photos) to do the hair and makeup for a photo shoot. the best part: some of my clients from the salon were used as the models.

the idea was to embrace some of the old, timeless beauty from the past, and yet still have it all seem light and airy as if a woman from each of the different eras had just come home from whatever she was doing, and at the end of the day, she had finally finished putting on that proper smile of hers, and her true self came through.

i did three totally different vintage hairstyles for this shoot: brushed out fingerwaves, messy curls from an undid updo, and finally a partially windswept  edwardian "psyche knot". the makeup was based around each of the different era's as well.

it was truly so fun to be a part of the entire experience. i cannot wait to do something similar like this again.

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