Wednesday, January 14

4 years ago

our 4th anniversary was yesterday and the nostalgia that comes with events like these are just the best.

we reminisced over our delicious PF Changs, the things that initially attracted us to each other, and what dating each other would be like now, and how much our lives, and we as individuals have changed, and how we would still pick each other even with those changes. We talked about what this next year is going to be like with two kids, and how crazy it is that we know each other so well, and yet still learn new things about each other frequently.

Marriage is seriously the best.

i have started having nightly contractions again with this pregnancy, and they usually start after eating dinner, especially if i ate too much. so... with too much rice, and lettuce wraps, and Mongolian beef in my stomach, we went for a walk around the nearby stores to try and calm my contractions down, and stopped in at a photo booth kiosk.

we had a photo booth at our wedding reception that we used instead of a traditional sign in book. it was one of our favorite parts of the wedding reception, we used the booth a few times through out the night and yet we haven't been in a booth since that day. so, going in for our anniversary seemed almost poetic. i wish i could say that we started this tradition on our first year anniversary and have been doing it for all the years since, but... what better time to start new traditions than today? i really hope we can incorporate a "photo booth session" on our future anniversaries, i feel like that would be a good, funny way to track our time spent together as we, and our children, look back on them through the years.

I hope the readers of my blog know the love that i have for my husband, and the love he has for me in return. i am not necessarily a gushy romantic person, and don't convey those emotions on the blog too often, but i truly am so lucky to be married to Garrison, and he makes me such a better person. we truly work so well as a team and have what seems like a very rare understanding of one another. he is such a good father to our girls, and is striving everyday to become even better of a man, it encourages me to keep moving forward with my goals, and to become better for him in return.

These 4 years that i have known him have truly been the greatest, and i am so grateful for our eternal marriage, knowing that he is mine, and i am his, forever.

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