Thursday, April 16

St George Easter

Garrison was told last minute that he had to go to Australia for a work project over the week of Easter, So, Bayli and i decided to join my sister and her husband as they traveled to St George to visit his family down there. I was a little anxious traveling while being so hugely pregnant, but my sister's father in law is an OBGYN, so... if anything bad were to happen i would literally be sleeping in the same house as the person who could help the situation the most. so, really there wasn't anything to be afraid of.

we spent our time with them eating, and watching general conference, and having political debates, and Easter egg hunting, and playing with their dogs, and drinking coke from their soda fountain, and going to candy shops, and walking through the St George art festival. The weather was warm, we wore shorts, and we got sunburns, and needed ice cream and smoothies to cool off, and basically it was the best thing that could have happened in order for me to distract myself while my husband was away in Aus-freaking-stralia. (i was only mildly jealous. if i happened to go into labor while he was gone, we totally would have had to name our baby girl Sydney or Aussie or something. haha.)

Anyway, a huge thank you to my sister and her in-laws, the Ott's, for hosting us. We enjoyed ourselves so much!

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