Wednesday, June 17


Everli is already 6 weeks old! i haven't been writing much on the blog because i have been a bit busy. we've been getting used to life with two kids as best as we can. Everli is the best baby ever and has been sleeping through the night basically since her 2nd week of life. she is so great and hardly ever cries. she is so well tempered and cuddles like you wouldn't believe. Bayli has also been amazing. she is so in love with her baby sister, and yet at the same time knows how to give her space, and help me out by giving Ev her binki back, and throwing away stinky diapers, and more. Garrison and I have genuinely been blessed with two GREAT kids. i don't know what bargain in heaven we had to make in order to get them but it's totally worth it.

Watching the two of them interact during this month has been a dream. I can tell as they get older things will get more complicated between the two of them, they'll start fighting over toys, and who gets to be held by mom, and pushing each others buttons, but for right now they are perfectly content with one another and i am cherishing it while it lasts.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the two of them from these beautiful past 6 weeks.

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