Monday, October 5

Master Closet

 The Master Bedroom has been chosen as the first room to get a makeover in this house. and the first thing in this room to renovate? the closet. we really wanted a better way of storing our clothes, we didn't want to get a dresser, or any other piece of furniture to store our clothes, but that single long shelf and clothes rack without any doors, just wasn't cutting it. so, we went to our favorite store ever: ikea and used their Pax system as a built in closet organizational system and we LOVE it. everything has a place and the inner OCD in both of us has died and gone to heaven -until it comes back from the dead for our next project-
 -you can tell this method of storing our clothes wasn't gonna work-
 -during the remodel, removing the shelf and clothing rod, taking out the wall in-between the two closets, and in the picture, garrison is removing the hardware that used to hold the sliding closet doors. you can see the size of the ikea cabinets there to the left.-
-after, the inside. garrison hadn't put his clothes/drawers/shelves in on his side yet, and everything on my side isn't organized completely, but you get the idea-
 -we went with the mirror doors for those middle three, it really adds an interesting touch to the room, making it feel more modern, and open. the next step on this process is to paint the walls and finish framing in the closet around the edges, and putting on the door handles.-
And here it is all finished in all it's shiny new glory!

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