Wednesday, March 23

Turning Four

I decided to ask bayli a few questions today as i was cleaning the house and making treats for her birthday party that's happening this weekend. i wrote all my answers down in my journal as i asked her and she loved all the extra attention i was giving her. she kept asking, "did you write that down?" and would even say, "hold on mom. i have a question for you now" some of her answers were just TOO good. i feel like they are the perfect way to show what life with her is like right now. this age is the best. 3 year old bayli is gonna be a hard one to beat. good luck fours. bring it on!

color: purple
t.v. show: Just Add Magic (or as she calls it: "the Momma P show") and Octonauts
toy: trains
shape: oval
letter: B
food: muffins (because that's what we had made that morning.)
fruit: strawberries
number: 6
princess: Elsa
thing to do: cooking
thing to do by herself: singing and dancing
book: "the dinosaur book by the cat in the hat" aka. This book

Where do you want to go on vacation? "up the mountains!"
What do you want to be when you grow up? a hero.

would you rather:
be inside or outside? outside
dirty or clean? clean
loud or quiet? this one took her a looong time to answer, she started trying to explain that she likes both, but then decided on quiet.
cat or dog? dog
stroller ride or car ride? stroller

things she doesn't like:
-going down stairs
-green leaf-es in food
-everli stealing toys
-getting stuck in everli's toys
-sleeping on the floor (??? this has never even happened to my knowledge)
-pencils. (insert laughing crying emoji here)

and cause she is the cutest. here are the questions she decided to ask me through out her interview.
what do you like to read?
do you like puppies? (hahahaha, yes. my heart exploded when she asked me this with a completely serious face.)
whats your favorite flower?

the book and puppy ones she asked before i asked her the similar questions. her brain. id love to take an in depth peek inside there one day. i think that might be one of my first requests when i get to heaven.

we love this girl so stupid much.

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