Wednesday, July 13

Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

I uploaded another video to my youtube channel talking all about hair loss, why it happens, when it happens, and how to prevent it. BUT if you'd rather read than watch a 12 minute video, here ya go!

1: don't brush or finger comb your hair when it's wet in the shower. that's when your follicle is the most vulnerable/loose and hair loss is easiest at this moment. 

2. rinse your hair/scalp at the end of the shower with cold water, this will close that follicle back up tight around the hair shaft, and also benefits the ends of your hair by sealing the cuticle (which helps with preventing breakage, and locking the color molecules in, and making it shiny!)

3. clean the hair out of your brushes! this helps prevent extra snarls, tangles or knots from forming while you brush.

4. take your biotin pill or make sure you have enough of it in your daily multi-vitamin!

5. drink lots of water and eat your protein!

6. let your hair air-dry as much as possible, and don't brush it until it's 50% dry

7. don't wash your hair everyday! use a dry shampoo to extend your styles as long as possible! the less your hair is wet, the better! the process of going from wet to dry is the most damaging on your hair. (but... product build up on the scalp can lead to hair loss as well, so don't go TOO long. but that takes ALOT of product. like: a week or more's daily use of dry shampoo.)

-hair has a growth/fall out cycle. it's phases are anagen, catagen, and telogen
here's an image that describes the cycle:

-high stress, a change in medication, going under general anesthesia, and surges of hormones typically cause hair loss about 3 months after the change/event occurs. some stronger cases, such as high doses of medication will happen immediately (example: chemotherapy) but be aware that these events may cause hair loss, and will cycle back to normal once you stop the reason behind it, and give it another 3 months. (the reason why i say a three month time frame is because typically the catagen phase lasts about 3 months on most women) This is the reason why most moms after child birth experience hair loss.

-if you feel like you are someone that just can't get your hair to grow past a certain length, it MAY be because you simply have a shorter anagen phase than most women. (but most of the time, it is due to damage/breakage.)

Hopefully you learned something new about how to take care of your hair in order to prevent any unnecessary hair loss from occurring! and for my recommendations about hair products and for my favorite biotin pill, check out the description box below my youtube video!

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