Wednesday, August 24

The Difference between Hair Types

Learning your hair type and texture is the first step to achieving your dream hair. if you don't understand your hair at it's basic level, then it's extremely hard to get your hair to do this or that style. Here's a little diagram i've created to describe the different hair types and some simple characteristics that usually follow those specific hair types. feel free to pin it as a reference for later!

Today I also posted a video all about hair types; why it is, what it is. I suggest you check it out (here) and learn more about your hair. then, with that knowledge you can better figure out how to style and color your hair in the way you want.

 as always, if you have any questions, just ask either in the comments at the bottom of this blog post, or in the comments section of my video on youtube! Thanks!

In more important news: my ALL TIME FAVORITE DRY SHAMPOO just came out in the BEST scent. seriously so amazing! it's jasmine and pomegranate and smells like the sexiest perfume ever. my husband and i cannot stop smelling my hair! check it out here:

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