Wednesday, November 16

1/2 Bath Reveal

Let's not forget about the 1/2 bath that i mentioned in this post. This reveal is dramatic enough i felt like it deserved it's own post. holy moly. 

it's a very small room, obviously. and everything in this room was painted purple, which only made it feel smaller. before the remodel we literally only used this bathroom in emergencies. (you know, after going out to eat somewhere new and your significant other, or child, was already using the main bath.) we lovingly referred to it as the haunted grape vineyard. there were literally 5 different shades of purple used in the making of that room. a grape wallpaper border, a dark purple ceiling (not pictured to spare your eyes) so, my objective was to brighten and enlarge the space visually as much as possible. we went with a black vanity, and stainless steel hardware, to match the kitchen because the bath and kitchen are so close in proximity to each other in the house and we continued the same flooring as the kitchen into this room as well.

bright white went up on the walls and ceiling with one accent soft pink wall because the bathroom is for the girls after all. one of the biggest differences was the change in lighting, more specifically the light bulbs. we went with daylight bulbs instead of the normal yellowish shade. this makes it feel like there might actually be a window in this room, even though there's obviously not. 

we love the open space under the godmorgon cabinet from ikea, it's the perfect height to store a step stool so that they can wash their own hands, and brush their teeth, but still have it tucked away the rest of the time. 

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