Monday, December 19

Lipsense Dupes

here's a link to my youtube video if you'd rather watch that instead of read this.

don't know what lipsense is? here's the link to that video.

but basically all of you should know what lipsense is by now (incase you don't here's the quick rundown: it's a molecularly bonded liquid lipstick that doesn't smear, transfer, bleed, feather, smudge, no matter what you do for the entire day, you can eat, swim, kiss, even wash your face and it ain't goin' nowhere till you purposefully take it off.-if applied correctly-) but what you probably didn't know is that there are dupes for them at the drugstore!

yes, i said DRUGSTORE DUPES.

here they are:

i made an entire video where you see me apply one of these colors to my lips, and i give my review, plus swatch each of the colors i own on my arm. (and it's under 10 minutes long!) you can view that here.

but, i wanted to include some more information here on the blog that i didn't share on the video.

mostly, the pro's and con's:

also, here's a picture of the swatches up close.
from top to bottom:
-covergirl 512 "coral sunset"
-covergirl 555 "blossom berry"
-maybelline 070 "on and on orchid"
-maybelline 005 "everlasting wine"
-loreal 101 "rose tattoo"
-loreal 117 "permanent blush"
-loreal 119 "neverending nutmeg"
-loreal 213 "continual crimson"
-rimmel 200 "i'll call you"

and here are those same swatches 2 days later. 2 DAYS. you read that right. and i obviously showered, and washed my hands frequently in those two days. plus, i'm a hairdresser, so my hands are wet constantly from hair washing. and granted, that's an arm swatch, so they wear differently on the lips, but still. two days??


  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I found this through your youtube video. I've been looking for an alternative to lipsense and a demonstration of how long the swatches from the cheaper brands would last.

  2. Pity they don't actually last that long on the lips