Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas

Dear Friends and Family,
This year has been an exciting one for our new, little Jones family. Garrison graduated last December so we have enjoyed this entire year school free! he is still working full time at the same company he was before, DigEcor.  He works on projects that i force him to do, while also trying to accomplish other projects of his own in his free time. I have continued to work in my salon, Platinum Studios, both before and after having our new little daughter. We also moved into a new house down by the lake in Orem. Horses, goats, and chickens in the backyard and everything. Our daughter, Bayli Grey joined the Jones clan on March 24th and is now 9 months old. She is the light of our lives and most often the reason we go to bed smiling and grateful. She is growing wonderfully and we genuinely have no complaints. My childhood dog Baxter also joined the family. He and Bayli crawl all around the house destroying everything in their path together. We are thoroughly enjoying life, and are super excited to be together this holiday season. We wish you a merry Christmas and hope to stay in touch.

Love, Garrison, Valeri and Bayli Jones

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