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Favorite Find Friday: LiLash Giveaway

LiLash is a eyelash growing serum that you apply like a clear liquid eyeliner daily. if you haven't heard about it, then your really missing out. i started using it about a year ago, and it has been the single biggest improvement to my self confidence in years! sadly, i heard the company has been sued by Latisse and so they cannot sell to the usa anymore, but, i am giving away a 3 month supply (techincally, but it lasted me 6 months) to one of my followers (an 80.00 value!) the only reason they cannot sell in the usa is not because their product is bad, but only because the formula is too close to latisse and so there are patent issues. (but it seems like their website still works so, i don't know. maybe they won the settlement.)
Application Process

here's my story about this product:

i was a new mom, and i was obsessed with how long my baby daughters eyelashes were. they were the kind of lashes that every single person said "oh my, look how cute she is! and those lashes! who did she get those from?" cause really. if you looked at mine, then you knew that they couldn't possibly have come from my genes. before i continue, you have to know that i have never been a big believer in products. i had tried the hair growth shampoos and never saw results, heck, i had even just tried the simple volumizing shampoos and never saw results, i have been a hairdresser for 6 years and 90% of the time, my clients didn't see any real dramatic results either, with acne creams, face serums, body lotions, potions, etc so, for the most part i just gave up on thinking that anything like that would really work. well, i would soon be proven wrong because we had this receptionist at my salon that had the longest lashes i have ever seen, and because of my line of work, even the best application of fake lashes, or eyelash extensions, i can still tell if they are real or not. so... i knew hers were real and complimented them basically every time i saw her. one day i asked about what mascara she wore, and that's when she told me that it wasn't just because of her mascara, that it was all due to this product. "LiLash". so, i promptly went home and researched it, and read reviews, and figured, what the heck, she had great results, and swears by this product, so i will give it a try. well, the store that i went to didn't carry lilash, but they had another product, "Lash Genesis" that was 5.00 cheaper, and the cashier said it worked exactly the same, so... i bought it. bad idea. i used it for a few months, no results, and it irritated my eyelids.
thinking that i had been proven right, that no growing product would ever work on me, i gave up on the idea. well, as a few months went by, a few other stylists at the salon also started using lilash and we even started selling it to our clients at the salon. i instantly saw results in my co-workers, and their clients. so, i decided to buy the actual right product this time, and give it a shot. well, it took me a few weeks longer that the average girl at my salon to see results, it took me 6 weeks instead of 4. but, at 6 weeks it was like a switch went off, genuinely waking up one morning and noticing a dramatic difference, probably 2 cm of growth overnight. no joke. well, that continued to happen, and people started noticing my eyelashes growing saying "have your eyelashes gotten longer?", and then as they kept growing people would compliment them, a first for me to hear someone else wishing their lashes were as long as mine, and then as they kept growing more and more, i had random strangers at the mall asking who did my eyelash extensions. and i had the pleasure of correcting them and telling them about this product that was not anything close to eyelash extensions. still to this day i get people that assume i have eyelash extensions... it happened yesterday. and they are always so amazed when i tell them that they are all real, and all mine!

 so... that's my story, as soon as i heard about the issue they were having with latisse, i went and stocked up on this product because i am sooo scared to try something else, i have had periods of time when i forget to use it, or get lazy and i have seen them get shorter during those periods of time, and it usually takes about 1.5 weeks of using it again to get them back to my normal extra long length. using the application like it says to on the bottle, i noticed an obvious difference with both thickness and length (my lashes easily doubled, actually, probably tripled in length) on both upper and lower lashes.
to me, it is 100%, no doubt, worth the money. also, as a way for me to justify the cost, i now use the cheapest mascara. my 3 favorites are e.l.f. ($3) wet-n-wild ($2.50) and jordana ($3) instead of the pricey mascaras i was using back in the day with my stubby stubs. because, my lashes have more than enough volume and length, that using a perfectly formulated expensive mascara is no longer a necessity for pretty lashes.
i now looove doing my makeup, mostly because i love to put on mascara, it brought fun into my daily makeup routine, and made me WANT to get ready. which proves how awesome this product is, because being a mother of a one year old at the time, i did not want to do anything besides all my mom duties. on more than one occasion, i have done my makeup and still walked around in a robe all day. but, like i said in the very beginning of this post, having long eyelashes has been the single biggest improvement to my self esteem because instead of looking in the mirror and seeing my flaws everyday, i look in the mirror and am still so amazed everyday that those are MY eyelashes, and instead of leaving the mirror frowning with a splotchy red face from picking at my imperfections, i now leave with a smile. i tell myself, "who could be looking at my zits, or freckles, or wrinkles, etc when they have these big fat long lashes to look at instead." :)

^^sorry about the crappy quality picture as my "before" i promise i tried to find a good one, but back in the day, i wasn't proud of my lashes so i didn't take any pictures up close of my eyes. is not my best mascara day, so sorry about the weird clumps. i thought about taking my makeup off and doing it again for this post, but that's not real. and i want you guys to see what they look like without any editing, either on photoshop, or physical editing before the picture was taken by making sure every hair was perfect.

also, as a tidbit of information, besides tons of clients at our salon, and other hairdressers that i personally know, my mother, and mother in law are also using it regularly and saw the exact same results as me. so... if your still skeptical, all you have to do is look up the hashtag #lilash on instagram and you can see tons of people all races, genders, and ages, who have seen results.

This is probably my biggest "favorite find friday" and as you know, i buy all of these products to giveaway with my own money at full cost, and give them away not because i'm sponsored, but only because i genuinely believe that these products are wonderful and its worth sharing the good info. because this giveaway cost me so much money, i am going to ask more of you in order to win it. i would love to give this product to someone who helps me share my blog with more people.

to enter: first you have to be a follower of this blog, either on google, or on bloglovin.
next share any image from this post on either your facebook by copy and pasting the link onto your wall. or on twitter/instagram by either screenshotting my instagram picture, or any of these pictures on the blog about this giveaway and posting it on your account with a comment about the giveaway i am holding. (if you do not have any facebook, instagram, or twitter, then you can still enter by commenting below, telling me about how you plan on sharing this giveaway with your friends.) and finally, come back here and comment below with your email, and how you entered. for example: " and i entered on instagram" i am going to let this giveaway go on for 2 weeks and will be announcing the winner on my next "favorite find friday."

if you have any questions or comments about the product, then feel free also: there are lots of other products similar to lilash, including: latisse (you need a prescription) neulash, rapidlash, revitalash, flash, and more, but i like LiLash the best because of it's fairly reasonable price compared to some others, little to no side effects, (i have heard of some people using lilash and getting darker eyelids in the area where the serum is applied -a redish tint- but thats it!) and consistent results. but, if you do not win the giveaway, and would not like to purchase this brand, i would recommend trying Neulash as the most similar product, and you can get it at Nordstrom.
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here are a few other reviews i've found about lilash:


  1. Can I be entered into the giveaway?! :) Your lashes look great! :)

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    Looks like an amazing product!

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  4. Oh my gosh I've been looking for this product forever! So happy you're doing this giveaway! I plan on telling my friends and my mom who has a bloglovin about your blog and this giveaway!:) my email is and i entered through commenting! (don't have any other social media site:/ )

  5. Oh Valeri, you look great as always! I have never heard of this until now and I would love to try this! I will be sharing with everyone I know because I trust you and I see that it does work!!

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