Monday, November 28

Baby Diary: the much anticipated belly photos!

for those of you who like watching growing bellies: here you go!
i was sick, don't judge my face. :)

those cookies say "happy 10 weeks birthday baby" and despite the cupping hands, there's still not much there.

gotta love that peek-a-boo tank top :)
21 weeks featuring hubby who has not changed a bit!

honestly, after hitting the halfway point (20 weeks) i've noticed a big difference. i was sad that i wasn't showing yet  and was hoping my belly would "pop one day" as so many women said it would. plus, every week i just felt so silly taking a picture of my "possibly bloated but definitely not pregnant" belly. but, it seems like about two days ago, (thanks to my thanksgiving meal i'm sure) i just popped! before my shirts just looked like i was bloated, but now they actually look like im pregnant. :) more pictures to come soon. now that there's something worth taking a picture of!

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