Monday, November 28


this post has taken a couple of days to write but i just cannot rush things this important
My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ:
they make all of the other things on this list possible. and he made my life wonderful after finding him and learning of him. therefore, my entire being, happiness, and life is because of him. his love and kindness to me is what gets me through the day and what ultimately brings me closer to him and those i love. as a subcategory i would also include the gospel, temples, and callings as things i am thankful for.
My immediate family: consisting of baby jones and hubby. they are the most important things in my life. im so grateful that we did (or better said: resisted doing) all the things we needed to be able to be sealed together forever in the temple. i have so much love for both of them already that i cannot even begin to imagine life without them after death. and the fact that the savior made it possible for me to be with them forever is just amazing. i love feeling baby jones move every single day, wondering what he/she is thinking about and if he/she is experiencing growing pains because of how fast this whole process is going. i love how much of a father garrison already is. he sings to, dances with, gives raspberries to, carries on conversations with, and genuinely loves this little guy so much already that i cannot wait for the two of them to meet so that this love can truly blossom. Garrison is my rock in this life and without him, i would not be the same.
my extended family: (winn side) i turn to them for laughs, insight, and help more than anyone knows. i know that my sister will miss absolutely anything in the world to be there for me, my mom has the most wisdom of anyone i know and can provide a second way of viewing anything from relationships to recipes. my burly mountain man teddy bear of a dad is the greatest source of knowledge and love a daughter could ever ask for, and my brother with his entire family of goodness always has good company, good food, and the funniest moments in recorded history when in their presence. the few "abs" that i have were made from laughing so hard with them that it counts as a workout.
(jones side) although i am still learning all of my new nieces and nephews names, and have experienced being a part of this big family for only 10 months, i have grown to love them already more than i anticipated. from them i've learned: a billion new recipes, parts of the Swedish language, how to travel properly, tricks for teaching children, interior decorating with an emphasis on table setting, the intimate differences between being part of a large family and a small one, and the enormous love a family can have for each other even when separated by miles, or centuries.

because of all the extra day dreaming i've been doing since being pregnant about my future life and what it will entail, i am surprised by how much mine and garrisons close friends will play a huge role in our future. the bbq's, the showers (both baby and bridal) to attend, the late night movies, and afternoon lunches, their kiddos will be the kids that my children are friends with, and their influence on us will ever be present and welcome.

it's so nice to be able to go through all of the stuff you've accumulated over the years, get a new fresh start, and try something different. although change, especially change this big can be stressful and often resented, i am finding out ever so quickly how much i am looking forward to and thankful for this move. now that it's only a month away i can hardly contain my excitement. plus, realizing that this will be the new house that we bring our newborn home to will make it a very special place indeed i'm sure. basically im just thankful for the real, full size, working dishwasher thats waiting for me and my dry cracked hands to use.
The Internet:
hulu, pinterest, facebook, my own blog and the blogs i follow, youtube, and google search are all words used in my daily vocabulary and in my daily life. i use the internet for filling time when garrison is studying and i am trying my hardest not to disturb him, for time wasting in general, for advice on pregnancy and child bearing, for help with recipes and ways to make my home more "homey" it is my greatest tool for answers and also my biggest weakness.
being able to be my own boss and set my own schedule is the best blessing ever. it's made this pregnancy wonderful and it's made my life bearable. my co-workers are turning into some of my greatest friends, and my clients will always have a soft spot in my heart. i love working in this salon and doing what i love. i love having a reason to get all dressed up and out of the house. and i love being able to provide a service that genuinely blesses others lives and makes them feel good about themselves. it's the best job ever and i love it. 
some others in random order:
not having to do jury duty three times in a row. waiting and keeping the baby's gender a secret in its little envelope. hot chocolate, giving service, nicknames my husband comes up with for me, little love notes i find all around the house, a healthy baby that kicks and squirms all day long, this song, garrison graduating in a month, my camera, ultrasounds and my doctor, christmas decorations and coming up with christmas presents,
the fact that i am finally starting to show and that this baby bump decided to make it's appearance, and last but not least, i'm thankful for this thanksgiving season to make me sit down and remember all of the things i'm grateful for.

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